Reflective Journal Business Research Master of business administration

Evaluation of the effective and useful learning experience

1.1 Opinion about learning experience

Reflective Journal Business Research Master of business administration I opined, this subject (Business Research) built up aptitudes required for analysts in me by conveying the lectures and instructional exercises. My lecturer talked about every topic from week one to twelve effectively and make everything (information gathering, examination and discover the outcomes) simple for me. Now after completing this unit, I am feeling the accompanying aptitudes in me:

  • Reading abilities
  • Problem comprehending abilities
  • Analytical
  • Initiative
  • Contributing as an expert


1.2 The value of this experience

This learning system exhibited extremely essential for me since I took in the most crucial piece of research which is comparative and gap analysis in literature review. Additionally I built up the abilities of information gathering and information examination which is exceptionally required for the activity of researcher as I have officially taken in the other key aptitudes for the analyst like perusing abilities, critical thinking, how to contribute as an expert and how to take the start in the group.

  1. Beneficial learning process in future

2.1 Future Career

All the learning procedure will be demonstrated extremely invaluable in my future in the event that I will land a position as a researcher, accountant or examiner. Then the abilities which I have

created in me during the learning process will be useful in setting up the examination ventures gave by my manager to me. I can without much of a stretch finish every one of the undertakings inside the given time as I don’t have to ask anything from anybody since I recognize what steps I have to take after to set up that task. I realize that at first I should set up the writing survey and in writing audit I ought to do the relative investigation and hole examination. After the fruition of writing audit I should do the examination part in which I will gather the information by utilizing the survey and meetings. At that point broke down that information by utilizing the techniques and likelihood and non-likelihood. Toward the end, I will come to the came about.

2.2 Life Generally

Reflective Journal Business Research Master of business administration Apply this experience in general, life can be exceptionally crucial for me similar to a housewife I have to buy grocery and different family units. Presently, I can apply my knowledge into data social affair and examination for this and in addition I can accumulate data from various shops and can broke down that and will buy the things where I can get more affordable stock. In the end, it would spare my money.

  1. Objectively what happened in the Learning Process

During attending all classes from week one to twelve, I have learned some useful ideas to make the research assignments. These ideas are:

Literature Review

In the starting weeks, our teacher told us that how we can make the literature review for research assignment. I have read so many academic articles, books and journal articles and critically analyzed them.

Research Methodology

In the following weeks, I have learnt certain stages of research. These stages are:

  • I have utilized primary and secondary data techniques to gather the information for the research of outsourcing business in manufacturing industry.
  • The primary data can be collected with two types: Questionnaire and interview. Questionnaire can be used structured, semi structured and unstructured. Furthermore, interview can be conduct in different ways such as face to face, by phone and in group.
  • To take the sample size is the second type of research. The meaning of sample size in research to decide how many people will give the interview and fill the questionnaire.
  • Information analyzed is the further stage for research. It can be analyzed by using the probability and non-probability system.
  • After that, restrictions are necessary for researches which are connected to moment in time, investment, sample size and sample units.
  • In addition, I also gave some suggestion to manufacturing industries that outsourcing is favorable for them or not.
  1. Benefits of Business Research in Research Learning Process

Business research was extremely valuable for research learning process. The reasons are;

  • Through Business Research, I have learnt how to make questionnaire, conduct interviews for data collection.
  • I have also learnt how to analyze that collected data in research.
  • It also provides us positive and negative consequences of our research.


  1. Particular activities in Assignment 1 and Assignment 2

Assignment 1

In the assignment one, I have used academic articles and journals of different authors to arrange the literature review. I have also compared my research with the previous research of authors for the comparative analysis and gap analysis. Some data was composed from Government websites to find the exact outcome.

Assignment 2

I have started my assignment 2 with the introduction of my topic. After that, I wrote my research part, which was done by questionnaire. For questionnaire, I used close ended question with the managers of manufacturing industry and conduct interview with them. Then, I have used probability and non-probability methods to analyze that collected data by interviews.

  1. Learning process helpful in future

As, I have mentioned about the learning process that it will be very beneficial for me in my personal and professional life. Because, I have improved my various skills while studying this subject. I illustrate it with some examples. Firstly, through the business research subject, I have learnt to analyze the data. So, in my personal life, I don’t need to go outside to check the price of household items. I will just search required item online and compare the price of different store. So, it will be easy for me to buy the cheap one to save my money and time. On the other hand, it will be helpful in my professional life as I wish to grow to be a researcher. As we know, so many skills mandatory to become a researcher such as analytic, initiative, reading skills and logical which I have already learnt while studying the business research subject. In the conclusion, now I am able to do research, data collection and analyzed that data without any help in the any situation of my life personal or professional.


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